The Genealogy of the Basketball Club UMMC 

BC UMMC is the successor of many outstanding basketball teams of  Sverdlovsk region. The history of the UMMC goes back to 1938, when a women basketball team Zenit was created at the Ural Plant of Heavy Machinery. 

In 1958 two women basketball teams - Zenit and Avangard (both teams belonged to the sport society at the Ural Plant of Heavy Machinery) were integrated and a new team Trud appeared. 


During the next forty years (1960-2000) its name was Uralmash, then since 2000-2001 it changed to Uralmash-UMMC. 

During those years the Ural basketball players being members of the National team of Russia won significant victories in the World, European Championships and Olympic Games. 

Ludmila Edeleva won the European championship in 1960 and 1967. Nelly Fominikh (she was  captain of the Russian National Team in 1968-1969) three times won European Competitions  – in 1964, 1966 and 1968. In 1964 and 1967 she won the title of the First in the World. In 1968 and 1970 Ludmila Shvetsova became  Champion of Europe. 


Olga Korosteleva (Barisheva)  was named Olympic Champion in Monreal (1976) and in Moscow (1980). Besides she is twice gold Prise-winner of the World Championships and four times – the Winner of  Continental Competitions. 

Symbol – the Fox – appeared in the middle of 90-th. The prototype of it was Olga Korosteleva – the best Club's player of all times (19 seasons in the team, during 11 years she was defending the National Team of the Soviet Union). She was considered to be the smartest basketball player in the USSR. 

Club received the UMMC name in 2001. 


In 1947 the Ural basketball players for the first time became champions of Russia. It was the year when the team started counting its main achievements. 

The best success was reached under the practical guidance of the following coaches: Anatoliy Novicov (Bronze in the Championship of the USSR 1973), Galina Shalimova ( Bronze in the Championship of the USSR 1974), Vladimir Koloskov (Gold in 2002, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze in Russian Championships), Zoran Visic (Gold in Russia's Championship and Euroleague 2003, Silver in Russian Championships and Russian Cups in 2004 and 2006, Gold in the Russian Cup and Bronze in the Russian Championship 2005), Gundars Vetra (Gold in Russian Championships 2009-2011, Gold in Russian Cups 2009-2011, Bronze in Euroleague 2009-2011), Olaf Lange (Gold in Euroleague 2013, 2016, Gold in European Super Cups 2013 and 2016, Gold in Russian Championships 2013-2017, Gold in Russian Cups 2014, 2016, Silver in Euroleague 2015, Bronze in Euroleague 2017, Gold in the “UMMC Cup” 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), Miguel Mendez (Gold in Euroleague 2018, 2019, 2021, Gold in European Super Cups 2018, 2019, Gold in Russian Championships 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, Gold in Russian Super Cups 2021, 2022, Gold in the Russian Cup 2019).